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        From: RONEIND PRECISION TECHOLOGY CO.,LTD  Date:2021-05-08 17:32:35  Hits:79  Belong to:Machine tool

        Create your ultra-precision manufacturing
        Lang Precision combines precision technology with advanced technologies in software, engineering and automation to achieve productivity and quality in your workshop. In the field of optics, mold manufacturing, medical and semiconductor industries, our machines can help you improve the performance of all kinds of work. So, you can do more with less money.

        Maintains the high precision of the main structure
        According to numerical control instructions, to achieve sub-nanometer level accuracy
        The main structure, high precision rolling guide rail and linear motor can be adjusted to achieve optimal balance, providing maximum servo gain.

        High precision rolling guide rail
        The fluctuation can be controlled to the minimum, and each moving axis can move smoothly

        Mineral casting bed
        1. Higher damping value makes the end product more accurate and efficient
        2, mineral casting stability is strong, no basic deformation error
        3, production energy consumption is reduced, a large amount of carbon dioxide reduction, more environmental protection

        Adopt advanced linear motor control technology to achieve high precision positioning.

        Adopt high stability super precision spindle, realize high speed smooth cutting

        The MP-540U series can further improve the quality of the workpiece by using the Swiss high-precision aero-static bearing to realize the high speed rotation of the tool (Max. 60,000 min-1).
        Machining tool direct installation without the use of expensive tool bar, can achieve high precision installation.
        The use of high speed long time operation will not produce elongation, swing and vibration. Thus, the knife position can be kept stable and the machining surface of high quality can be obtained.

        Parameter list (select parameters of MP-540U)