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        With the gradual improvement of overseas epidemic situation, longen company started the road of over

        From: RONEIND PRECISION TECHOLOGY CO.,LTD  Date:2021-04-23 17:18:30  Hits:94  Belong to:Company News
        Recently, long'en company has officially entered Alibaba International Edition and become a VIP member of Alibaba International Edition. It is reported that since the beginning of this year, long'en company has successively reached cooperation agreements with Baidu, 360, Tencent, byte beat, Pan Asia information and other network and traditional media, and formed its own team to establish an Internet service platform to promote the brand online and offline through online media and magazines, Nowadays, the power of the Internet is developing at an unpredictable speed. Young people, middle-aged people and even the elderly are inseparable from the Internet. Network has become an indispensable tool for people to communicate< br />

        As a manufacturer of customized high-precision numerical control equipment, longen company has rapidly spread and promoted through the network, shaping the brand image, and has been highly praised by netizens. We should actively use information technology to innovate enterprise management services, improve information efficiency, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise industry. The changes brought by network information technology to the economy and society have just begun, and it contains great potential. We believe that the overseas expansion of longen company will be better and better< br />